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What Does Cloud Web Hosting Stand for?

Reseller web site hosting and "THE GREAT CLOUD"

Now, virtually each and every hosting and reseller web hosting supplier toys with the term "cloud hosting". As it is, the web hosting suppliers availing of an actual cloud web hosting platform are perchance less than the fingers of your both hands. That's worldwide. Why is it like this? Because it's doggone hard to come up with an authentic cloud webspace hosting system. Firstly, you need to have the correct persons. In the second place, it takes years for them to set up the cloud hosting system. Finally, it calls for a lot of money. Plenty of cash. Not every programmer or sysadmin can be part of a project like this one...

A few clouds in the blue hosting sky

Reflect on this: how many hybrid car makers are out there? Toyota was the principal trailblazer of the serial production of hybrid cars. Started almost ten years ago. Recollecting anyone else? Huh? Mass production? Come on. Attempt once again. Nissan recently has joined the band... going directly electric with the Leaf prototype. So, let's return to cloud webspace hosting... It seems to us, the whole hosting sky is unclouded, with very tiny clouds around (perhaps just a few). :-)

cPanel-based site hosting v CLOUD WEBSITE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting suppliers out there supply real cloud hosting services? Let's not ignore, cPanel was made for and still runs only on one single server. In no less than 99.99% of the cPanel installations in the world, cPanel operates on a single hosting server. To put it briefly, the cPanel shared web hosting solution is a one-single-web-hosting-server-does-it-all type of a web hosting solution. All disk space, electronic mail, database, FTP, website hosting CP, DNS, etc. services are being executed at one and the same time on one web hosting server.

Single-server webspace hosting platforms: the queue predicament

Here's an instance: it's like running eight software programs simultaneously on your computer. The personal computer's operation invariably slows down noticeably, because now there is a big queue with requests waiting to be served or carried out (initiated by these eight software programs running at one and the same time). So, when the cPanel-based website hosting reseller companies call the website hosting services that are being offered "cloud web page hosting-based", it's good to ask them the question: "What sort of cloud are you citing?"

The dense haze around the cPanel-based "cloud hosting" platform

This so-called "cloud" these cPanel-dedicated folks are touching upon, in actuality, more or less, appears like a huge mist or a thick fog. Undoubtedly this is not a cloud, even a little one. In the best-case scenario, some of the cPanel web hosting distributors (probably only several) manage to come up with a remote database or DNS server (or servers), and here you are, they instantly state - we are "in the cloud" now. Yeah, right. Is it a night cloud? Because during the day we can't see it in the sky!

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